[c-nsp] Is there any Cisco router that can..

Mohsen A. Momeni m.alimomeni at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 01:16:58 EST 2006

> Hi,
>> use "aaa accounting delay-start", and the NAS will delay the
>> accounting-start record for PPP sessions until the remote IP address
>> is known..

I searched more about my problem and I found out that the solution may
be a function of router, so let me tell you my problem:
I have configured a cisco router (NAS) to authenticate dialup users
through a RADIUS server. After authentiucation, the traffic is passed
to a firewall for traffic control. Now I need to authenticate the
users (For applying account policies) in firewall but not for the
second time. Can the router be configured to work with the firewall to
provide this functionality?


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