[c-nsp] Cisco 7507 RSP4 with 2* Vip2-50

Bill Wichers billw at waveform.net
Mon Feb 13 12:34:17 EST 2006

> Will it actually reboot it?  (That's the goal, make sure that the VIP
> will get a clean memory map).

Looks like it from the console output we see when we run the command. The
VIP actually does dissapear from the chassis (enable lights go out on any
PA's and the VIP stops showing in the chassis). When you bring it back
with the second command, the VIP behaves as if it's just been plugged into
a running chassis, so it should be the same as physically cycling the card
in/out of the box.

We usually use the command as a way to make hot-swap more reliable, but it
was originally suggested as a way to remotely reload a VIP -- in the
original post I think it was to reload a flaky VIP in a remote POP without
a plane ticket being necassary.


Waveform Technology
Systems Engineer

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