[c-nsp] Circuit Emulation over MPLS

Sasanka Bella sasankabella at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:04:19 EST 2006


We are in the process designing a global enterprise network. One requirement
is to have PABX interconnectivity where  each remote PABX need to be
connected to central group switch on ISDN PRI over the WAN. The WAN will be

a) either MPLS (L3) over ATM (L2)
b) or, IP/MPLS (ethernet)

We would like to understand the better approach (a or b above) to do ciruit
emulation of ISDN PRI

Can you please share with us ;

1. Advantages/disadvantages of selecting one scenario over the other in
light of circuit emulation
2. Any general issues/concerns with ciruit emulation
3. Any documentation or pointers highlighting how we can achive this

Appreciate very much your comments/inputs on this.

Best regards

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