[c-nsp] Unable to read configuration. Try again later

Alex alex.arseniev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 07:06:02 EST 2006

This will provbably help to understand the processes involved:

"To retrieve configuration information, the software must poll every 
component to collect the distributed information. This configuration state 
retrieval operation is performed by a process known as nonvolatile 
generation (NVGEN), and it is used by command line interpreter (CLI) 
commands such as show running-configuration, write memory, and copy 
system:running-configuration to display or copy the running system 
configuration. When invoked, NVGEN queries each system component and each 
instance of interface or other configuration objects. A running 
configuration file is constructed as NVGEN traverses the system performing 
these queries. "

It seems to take a long time on Your system. You may wish to upgrade IOS to 
have this message disappear :-)

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Subject: [c-nsp] Unable to read configuration. Try again later

> On an RPM-PR (Equivalent to 7204)
> running IOS (tm) RPM Software (RPM-JS-M), Version 12.2(14.4)T, 
> When displaying running-config:
> Unable to read configuration. Try again later
> Any idea ?
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