[c-nsp] Multilink PPP over Frame and ATM

Charles Sporkman spork.sporkman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:04:27 EST 2006

On 2/14/06, Cory Ayers <cayers at ena.com> wrote:
> I tried to do the same thing a year ago.  We had previously balanced up
> to six T1s with per-packet load-sharing.  After upgrading to a 7606 we
> lost this functionality.  MLPoATM and MLPoFR are only for fragmentation
> and interleaving (QOS).

That's where I'm puzzled.  It really looks like this is what Speakeasy
does.  Covad is still having issues with getting the second T1
cross-connected into their cage at the CO so I can't try it yet.

> As long as you are using a 7200 and 2600, just
> enable load-sharing on each interface and be done with it.
> Interface ATMX/Y.1
>  ip load-sharing per-packet
> Any equal path routing protocol (including static) will provide both
> forwarding paths.  Packets will either be CEF switched or process
> switched (if CEF is disabled).

I've thought of that, but the few times I've tried it I've never been
able to get it working.  Traffic looked balanced, but even on a
lightly-loaded circuit I never saw one tcp connection take more than
1.5Mb/s of bandwidth.

> Your other option would be to have the provider hand you a 3M ATM
> circuit.  I've heard this referred to as multipoint-to-point, but I've
> never done it.

Someone also mentioned IMA.  But Covad does not provide any of this
stuff.  You take what they give you and you just hope they stay in
business for at least a few more years. :)



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