[c-nsp] 7600: eompls on Vlan ?

Colin Whittaker colin at netech.ie
Tue Feb 14 19:53:58 EST 2006

> >Thanks, if thats the case, you should at the very least offer an option
> >for doing this in software with reduced performance as a result, if not,
> >I don't see a use for this architecture moving forward with our current
> >EOMPLS plans.
> The solution is if you need L2 switching is to utilize 
> FlexWAN/OSMs/SIPs for the uplinks (it done in software or microcode 
> on the card).

Another option although expensive is to get a 6748-GE card and patch the
top row of ports to the bottom. 
access switchports on one row and EoMPLS ports on the other.
This will support 24 Vlan to EoMPLS tunnels per slot.

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