[c-nsp] Cisco IOS as traffic generator ?

David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Wed Feb 15 05:21:35 EST 2006

I thought pagent was the PuTTy SSH agent?

transmit or receive [receive]:
perform tcp half close [n]:
use tcp driver [n]:
receive buflen [8192]:
bufalign [16384]:
bufoffset [0]:
port [5001]:
sinkmode [y]:


kostas anagnopoulos wrote:
> I think Cisco has a traffic generation tool called pagent which
> is running on any Cisco router but I'm afraid you won't find it on-line
> Kostas
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> Hi *,
> is there a way to generate traffic between two Cisco IOS routers in order to
> test a link (STM1, DF, ethernet, etc...) without the use of pc's? For the
> time being, we test links with two laptops connected to routers at both end
> of the link, and generate traffic between them.
> I can of course make massive IOS-based ping tests with the max MTU of the
> link, but that's just icmp... We'd prefer something with tcp/udp traffic in
> both directions, which is closer to real usage...
> TIA!
> O.
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