[c-nsp] Catalyst Switch Upgrades

John Neiberger John.Neiberger at efirstbank.com
Thu Feb 16 14:13:26 EST 2006

>>> "Karl Clapp" <kclapp at gwi.net> 2/16/06 11:58:18 AM >>>
>Hello List..
>I am looking for a reasonable upgrade from the Cisco Catalyst 2924
>we currently use.
>Primary we use the 2924's as a centralized switch in each POP, and
>employee the 802.1Q VLAN tagging, so this is a continued requirement.
>have multiple types of equipment connecting to these switches, and
even use
>them for router to router connectivity (such as a media converter).
>switch must also have slots available for Gbic's as well..
>I am currently looking at the following models, and was curious if
>had any thoughts on them and their performance in the field:
>Catalyst 2950
>Catalyst 2960 

If the 2924 is basically doing what you need then the 2950 or 2960
would be a good replacement. It probably makes sense to go with the 2960
since it appears to be the replacement for the 2950 line.


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