[c-nsp] What does SSL VPN Devices offer?

Joost greene joost.greene at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 06:17:18 EST 2006


I've been away from the scene for a while, now i have to sell security
appliances, as far as i remember, IDS was still a device thats not useful
unless its fine tuned, SSL VPNs are actually new to me, i've always used
stunnel/ssh tunnels

On the market i see alot of security appliances, integrating everything in
one box, antivirus/spam,firewall/ids/router, having no experience with any,
i'd like to hear what people has to say about these devices, what works what
doesnt, i'm mainly collecting information, googling gives alot of results
that are confusing to start with.

Now for SSL VPN appliances, what does these boxes offer opposed to the
solutions that has been there all the time, i mean a firewall with IPSec
will give me enough, wouldnt it ?

So when does one consider an SSLP VPN or Firewall or all-in-one box or Cisco
ASA for e.g. ?

Private discussions, URLs, articles are welcomed.


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