[c-nsp] 2940/2950 QOS

Eric Helm helmwork at ruraltel.net
Mon Feb 20 16:08:16 EST 2006

We are currently using some Cisco 2940 and 2950 switches to aggregate
some small wireless POPs. We have several VoIP customers connecting to
the APs and the APs support 1 high priority queue for 802.1p or DSCP
marked packets. I have programmed the switch with the following command
on each AP port to trust the COS value.
'mls qos trust cos pass-through dscp'
I'm using the default mls qos maps.
Are these models of switches smart enough to look at only DSCP if the
traffic comes in untagged? Or do the frames need to be 802.1p marked?
Is there any way to monitor the egress queues on either of these
switches, particularly, how many frames/packets are going to each queue
on the switch?

Anything else I'm missing to enable these switches for high priority
marked traffic?


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