[c-nsp] Choosing a radius package

Yehavi Bourvine +972-8-9489444 YEHAVI at VMS.HUJI.AC.IL
Tue Feb 21 00:08:00 EST 2006

> You should have Radiator in your list (www.open.com.au).  We've used it
> for many, many implementations and it just works.  It's very hard to
> find something that we couldn't do with Radiator (including some rather
> strange requirements we've had in the past).  Rock solid too.  If
> nothing else it's certainly worth a look while you are reviewing
> products.

I am using here Radiator in proxy mode. It seems that in proxy mode it suffers
in performance (did tests with and without proxy mode and saw a huge
difference). During normal working load all is ok. The problem is when there is
service interruption and hundreds of ADSL users try to authenticate at once...
BTW, I didn't have this problem with the previous package I used (home written
one based on old Livingston package).

The big advantage of Radiator is that you can do everything with its config
file and quite easily (after you learn Perl...).


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