[c-nsp] 3560 problem / strange !

Liviu Pislaru leev at rdsnet.ro
Tue Feb 21 16:23:11 EST 2006

thanks for your reply lukasz;

> Logical would be, if 3560 is based on the same hardware as 3750 is,
> to troubleshoot it a little further if 3750 works.
i've got a 3560 that works fine in the same environment, so ....

> How did You narrow it to 208/4 causing problems?
empiricly. i've made some tests:
sw-mumu (3750-ME) - SVI vlan25 on it 
sw-mumu-new (WS-C3560G-24TS-S) - SVI vlan 25 on it (shutdown)

interface Vlan25
 description new-svi
 ip address

on sw-mumu we have:
ip route 212.x.x.128
ip route 81.x.x.32
ip route 213.x.x.16
ping  - OK
mtr 212.x.x.130 - OK
mtr 81.x.x.32 - OK
mtr 213.x.x.16 - OK

"shut" vlan25 on sw-mumu, "no shut" on sw-mumu-new and i've moved static 
routes on sw-mumu-new;

ping  - OK
mtr 212.x.x.130 - NOT OK
mtr 81.x.x.32 - OK
mtr 213.x.x.16 - NOT OK
and i've tested more and more subnets ...

> Can You make sure proper MAC addresses are known to switch for
> hosts it should route to via SVIs? ('sh mac-address-table dynamic')?
> And also, if switch will show proper outgoing interface when You do
> for given MAC:
> show platform forward INPUT_INTERFACE SRC_MAC DST_MAC

yes, the switch show proper outgoing interface for the given mac; and 5 
subnets(for example) are ok and one is not, so ....

> Are there any fails when You print out the `sh ip cef tree' and
> correct interface is given in the output of
> `show ip cef IP_OF_THE_HOST_YOU_CANT_REACH detail'?

the outputs for 81.x.x.32/28 and  213.x.x.16/29 are identically;

> Of course, the ACLs or QoS may cause the problem - are You using them?

no QoS, no ACL.

> Looking on a output of `show controllers cpu-interface' and
> `sho platform ip unicast failed adjacency' may also prove useful.

sw-mumu-new# sh platform ip unicast failed adjacency
Dumping Fibs with Adj fails info(0 entries:0)
i used another WS-C3560G-24TS-S but from the same lot and the symptoms are 
identically. i have a WS-C3560G-24TS (another lot from cisco) that works just 
fine. i don't know what to think :( ... 

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