[c-nsp] PIX 7.01(4)8 cpu-hog

Koen Peetermans k.peetermans at chello.be
Wed Feb 22 15:37:46 EST 2006

It might be worthwile to upgrade to 7.1(1), however.

It looks like 7.0.4(8) was really a very unstable interim release. 7.0.4(5)
was good, though.

7.1(1) is basically only a bugfix for the PIX platform (later than
7.0.4(x)), no new features added for the PIX, but many nice features for the

The only problem I see with this version is that the image sizes have
increased a lot due to the added features on the ASA, and the fact that -I
think- it really is the same binary image on the PIX as on the ASA. Count on
losing a couple of available DRAM megs when you upgrade to this version.

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On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 09:17:00PM +0100, Koen Peetermans wrote:
> Is this pix running OSPF ?
> I had major problems with OSPF taking a lot of CPU with this
> This problem is not present on 7.1(1)

Nope, we're not using OSPF. The PIX simply has 4 physical interfaces,
some access lists and does NAT - nothing really special.

I've noticed that the memory consumption of "emweb/https" increases by
each time somebody is using or quitting the ASDM. Funny is that this does
not occur with another PIX which is running the same release.
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