[c-nsp] Netflow & NAT problem

news.gmane.org lex at init.net.ua
Thu Feb 23 17:40:33 EST 2006

But some billing software howtos say, that it is the way (map to 
loopback) to get netflow statistic with NAT, and i do all, as described. 
Also i have Null in DstInt for not NATed IP, and i shure, that it not go 
buy deny ACL, traffic shapers or rate-limit chain. Maybe i need to tune 
that ?

ip flow-cache entries 4094
ip flow-cache timeout inactive 240
ip flow-cache timeout active 45

Tom Zingale (tomz) пишет:
> The destination null 0 usually means the packets for the flow are not switched out the box.  NetFlow also run's before other features in the switching path and may not be aware of loopback 0 and reports null.

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