[c-nsp] Where did the memory go ? SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL

Bas kilobit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 10:45:24 EST 2006

On 2/24/06, Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) <oboehmer at cisco.com> wrote:

> > Where are those ~90MBs of memory?
> > With my SIP600 I do not see a difference in total memory.
> can you do an "exec slot 4 show region"? This shows the memory regions,
> and only "main:heap" is what is shown in the "Total" column. Why is 90
> MB allocated to something else? Not sure, show region will tell. It does
> sound like a bit much.

R1#exec slot 4 show region
========= Line Card (Slot 4) =========

Region Manager:

      Start         End     Size(b)  Class  Media  Name
 0x18800000  0x1880FFFF       65536  Local  R/W    main:(sched_stack)
 0x40000000  0x4FFFFFFF   268435456  Local  R/W    main
 0x40000000  0x400110A7       69800  Local  R/O    main:entry
 0x400110A8  0x413FFFE7    20901696  IText  R/O    main:text
 0x41400000  0x4295F13F    22409536  IData  R/W    main:data
 0x4295F140  0x443A0ABF    27531648  IBss   R/W    main:bss
 0x443A0AC0  0x4E9FFFFF   174454080  Local  R/W    main:heap
 0x4EA00000  0x4FFFFFFF    23068672  Local  R/O    main:resv
 0x80000000  0x8FFFFFFF   268435456  Local  R/W    main:(main_k0)
 0xA0000000  0xAFFFFFFF   268435456  Local  R/W    main:(main_k1)
 0xF0000000  0xF00003FF        1024  Local  R/O    dynamic TLB map table

> You also want to watch your LC's ASIC forwarding memory as we also store
> the load-infos there.. Depending on the LC engine and other features, it
> can get tight.

So I guess I'd better request a BGP session between my carriers
loopback and mine with static routes pointing balancing the traffic
over the interfaces.

thanks for your response,


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