[c-nsp] redirecting incoming requests

Tim Winders twinders at southplainscollege.edu
Fri Feb 24 20:42:54 EST 2006

I opened a case with the cisco TAC and I was told this can't be done.
Before I give up, I thought I'd ask here.

I have a Cisco ASA5520 as our corporate firewall running 7.1(1) code.

I have installed a new smtp server internally.  I want all external smtp
requests to go to this new server and not to my old server.  I have changed
the MX record in DNS and I am seeing some hosts using this, but it will take
a few days to completely propagate through the DNS system and even then,
some mailers will ignore this and send smtp directly to the old server.

So, I'd like to redirect all external smtp requests destined for oldserver
to newserver.  Is there someway to do this?  I can change the dns record for
this as there are too many other services running on the host which are not
moving and would be affected.



Tim Winders
Associate Dean of Information Technology
South Plains College
Levelland, TX 79336 

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