[c-nsp] 2950ST-LRE switch memory misprint

Church, Chuck cchurch at netcogov.com
Tue Feb 28 09:48:00 EST 2006

    Looking at CCO for an IOS upgrade for a 2950 LRE switch, I'm seeing
memory and flash requirements of 32 RAM and 16 Flash for the 12.1.22-EA6
image.  But from what I've read, this switch only supports up to 8 mb
flash.  Are there newer revisions of the 2950LRE switches shipping with
more memory and flash than originally, or is this a misprint?  The image
sizes seem to be all under 6 mbyte, so I'm thinking it's a misprint.
It's causing a lot of confusion for some of our people, and starting a
desperate search for memory upgrades that don't exist :)
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