[c-nsp] Fast Reroute Behavior when link is recovered

Alaerte.Vidali at nokia.com Alaerte.Vidali at nokia.com
Thu Nov 2 12:24:13 EST 2006

I have tested Fast Reroute on 7600 with IOS 12.2(18) SXF5 and after
recovering the link from a failure, the original tunnel path is
recovered. For example:
OSRa-----------------OSR1---- -------------OSR2---------OSRb 
| | 
| | 
Tunnel is between OSRa and OSRb. One explicit path is used, no dynamic
tunnel at all. 
FRR is configured to protect link between OSR1--OSR2 using link
When link OSR1--OSR2 fails, FRR recover from the failure using
When link OSR1--OSR2 is recovered, FRR is deactivated and original
tunnel again follow original path: OSRa--OSR1--OSR2--OSRb.
That was the result during tests, simulating failures. 
But there are user reports saying that when link OSR1--OSR2 is
recovered, FRR keeps active and original path is not recovered. 
Have you seen this situation? 

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