[c-nsp] HSRP issues on Cisco3550

Kanagaraj Krishna kanagaraj at aims.com.my
Sun Nov 5 22:06:55 EST 2006

    I have an issue with our HSRP setup between 2 Cisco Catalyst 3550 (trunk between them). The IP addresses are configured on the customers vlan interface in the switches. A customer will have 2 different connection to each switch (one active and the other standby). Whenever we try to reach the customer subnet using traceroute from location A, its ok if the trace got through the active switch. The issue is that, when from location B if the trace takes the standby switch it does not complete " * ". Although a ping from location B is successful. Any idea whats happening?

Note: Both the switches advertise the customer subnet using OSPF. By right only the routes from switch with the active ports is supposes to be seen. But in this case because the ip addresses are configured on the VLAN and its up in the standby switch as well, some packets reaches the switch and then goes to the active switch through the trunk port.   


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