[c-nsp] T3 with unavailable seconds but no errors

James Sneeringer jsneeringer at jupiterimages.com
Sat Nov 11 00:37:36 EST 2006

On 11/10/2006 8:57 PM, Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> It doesn't need to be accurate down to the millimeter, but too short of a 
> cable can be a problem unless you use some type of inline attenuator or 
> reset the line buildout on the DSU.  Some equipment doesn't like a 'hot' 
> signal and errors can result from that.

It's nothing like that. The run is about 100 feet of 734 cable, and the
router is currently configured for 10 feet. I don't remember if that's
the default, but it was that way when I started here and has always been
set for that distance.


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