[c-nsp] Cat 6509 and Sup720 Power

Dan Hopkins hop at nexthop.net
Tue Nov 14 15:25:02 EST 2006


I am looking for some info on implementation of the Sup720 and the
3000W AC power installed in a Cat 6509-E.  This is a basic
configuration with no POE and only copper Gig-E at this time.

The Power Specs for the Sup 720 say:
  Fan tray and power supply required
    . High speed fan
    . 2500W AC or DC

The Spec on the 3000W AC PS says:
    · 16A maximum at 200 VAC at 3000W output
    · 16A maximum at 100 VAC at 1450W output

My question is: 
  If I run dual 3000W AC PS on 120V power, will I not make the wattage
  requirement for the Sup720 ?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Hopkins                                 danh at nexthop.net

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