[c-nsp] Subinterfaces on a 6500 Native?

Wes Davis daviswr at jmu.edu
Tue Oct 3 16:01:04 EDT 2006

I might be misinterpreting what you're trying to do, but you might be looking for
switch virtual interfaces, basically a routed interface on a Vlan. In your example,
for an interface on Vlan 200 (what physical interface you're trunked on doesn't
terribly matter), you would:

6500(config)#int Vlan200

We've got a number of native-IOS 6500s, and it's how we do inter-Vlan routing.
Of course, I could be completely off-base and SVI isn't remotely close to what
you want.


Deepak Jain wrote:
> What is the minimum software rev for a 6500/7600 running IOS Native to 
> support (dot) or Subinterfaces for L3 VLAN encapsulation?
> 6500(config)#int g2/12
> 6500(config-if)#int g2/12.200
>                              ^
> % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
> 6500(config)#encap ?
> % Unrecognized command
> The software rev is:
> Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
> IOS (tm) c6sup2_rp Software (c6sup2_rp-PSV-M), Version 12.1(22)E6, 
> RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) which I was pretty supported it unless I am 
> missing something obvious.
> interface GigabitEthernet2/12
>   ip address
>   shutdown
> !
> Thanks in advance,
> Deepak

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