[c-nsp] BGP Q

Brian Desmond brian at briandesmond.com
Tue Oct 24 14:14:43 EDT 2006

ip prefix-list TestList seq 5 permit le 32

Something like that should work to get anything which is within that

Brian Desmond
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> Hi!
> Time for a newbie BGP question...
> We like to have control over which networks that are announced to us,
> so we're using prefix-lists associated to the neighbors. This is a
> corporate
> network using BGP with private AS's. No internet and such.
> All fine, but it's a bit too much administration with the exact
> needed by the prefix-lists.
> Is there a way to allow all advertisements within for example
> ?
> Meaning that I don't have to care about what's specifically announced?
> (aggregate-address on the other end is not an option)
> So that they may add for example to their list of a
> other /24's announced to us without any administration at my end...
> Best regards
> /Fredrik
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