[c-nsp] Cisco RPS for 3550 switch

TCIS List Acct listacct at tulsaconnect.com
Mon Oct 1 15:55:48 EDT 2007

Seth Mattinen wrote:
> I've tried it; doesn't work on my gear. I'd always plan for full outage 
> though if you ever have to switch back to internal power.
> The RPS-600 was so much better than what's being passed off as a 
> "redundant" power supply these days... I never bothered using the AC 
> input on the device when it was hooked up to a RPS-600 since it had dual 
> AC and you could use the dual-head RPS cable to give it redundant DC 
> feeds. Truly a redundant power solution for the rest of us. (Totally 
> ignoring the 2948G-L3, of course.)
> ~Seth

Interesting.. does the RPS-600 work with 3550 switches?  I'm thinking not, since 
it just says "3500 series XL" on the supported switches matrix..


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