[c-nsp] eigrp & redist ospf learned default route

Brad Henshaw brad.henshaw at qcn.com.au
Wed Oct 3 20:48:01 EDT 2007

Matthew Zeier wrote:
> I have two routers talking EIGRP to each other - one 
> (corp-bdr01) has a default route learned from OSPF.
> I'm stuck trying to get this route into the other EIGRP router.

EIGRP won't redistribute a default from another protocol. You'll either
need to set a static default (then redistribute static will do its
thing) or the better option is to add a default summary to your Layer 3
interfaces from which you want the default advertised:

Interface X
 ip summary-address eigrp <AS> 250

The 250 on the end is the administrative distance the route will have on
the local router - this will prevent it overriding the default from
another dynamic routing protocol.


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