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Kevin.X.White at corusgroup.com Kevin.X.White at corusgroup.com
Mon Oct 8 11:57:12 EDT 2007

I've had a 2950 access layer meltdown in the same way with a broadcast loop
caused by a blocking uplink port intermitantly (twice in 3 months second
time for long enough to identify) not receiving any data (inc BPDUs) even
though up and looking healthy so it needless to say thought there had been
a change and the root was not on that port so started to forward with
disasterous results i.e. broadcasts killed most of the servers!
A reboot strangely fixed the problem untill we changed the box in a maint.
window - on further problems 7mths later.

I will say in Ciscos defence that once we added Loopguard and UDLD
detection to our configs, we failed to simulate the fault!


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>Revisiting this Aug 31 topic...   my simple set-up just
>blew up again.  I've got this:

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