[c-nsp] DSL router recommendation

Kevin Graham kgraham at industrial-marshmallow.com
Wed Oct 10 13:09:08 EDT 2007

>> Get the ethernet ones only. Your provider can provide the dsl/atm
>> modem/bridge.
>> Much more flexible and likely to be more reliable, [...]
> I can't second that.

Much agreed. The only time I'm comfortable w/ provider-supplied CPE
on low-end connections is if we're stuck w/ PPPoE as you know there's
nothing sitting on your L3 path (and have a 'clean' PtP interface that
properly reflects real link-state).

As mentioned, the lack of remote diagnostics is painful -- this is the
main reason DOCSIS is now palatable is the HWIC; being able to 
troubleshoot, bounce and interface, etc without finding a user to stare
at LED's and pull power cords is a huge advantage.

Owning the lasthop onto the WAN also means you're in much better
control of congestion management; otherwise you're guessing at actual
interface capacity and having to shape egress on an FE port.
Alternatively (and I'm guessing most commonly) you're spewing 100mbit/s
and hoping that DSL 'router' dujour happens to queue and drop the way
you want it to...

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