[c-nsp] MPLS network on 3750 switches - ISIS or OSPFwhichisscalable?

Saku Ytti saku+cisco-nsp at ytti.fi
Tue Oct 16 09:47:31 EDT 2007

On (2007-10-16 13:48 +0200), Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists wrote:

> WS-C3750G-12S-S = 8 k$
> ME-3400G-12CS-A = 7 k$ (possibly add Metro Access at 1 k$)

Here 3750 will do L3, 3400 will not. You have to add some
software there, and only the most expensive will do L3.
Of course after that license, 3400 would do full IP, while
3750 only static and RIP. So direct head-to-head comparison
is not possible, depending on what you need price difference
can go either way.

> Layer 3
> WS-C3750G-12S-E = 12 k$ 
> ME-3400G-12CS-A + Metro IP Access = 10 k$
> Then add the price of a RPS2300 to the 3750.

You'd still be missing stackwise and I guess IPv6
might be relevant to few. But I'll rather take IS-IS
than IPv6, to be honest.


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