[c-nsp] 100Mbit SM fiber ports on Cat 65XX

Niels Bakker niels=cisco-nsp at bakker.net
Thu Oct 18 17:02:28 EDT 2007

>>>Robert Boyle wrote on 18/10/2007 10:17 ????:
>>>> I am trying to simplify some of our POP setups. We frequently have 
>>>> a stand alone fiber transceiver rack shelf for conversion of a few 
>>>> 100Mbit SM fiber connections to 100Base-T. In our Foundry XMR gear, 
>>>> we can install 100Mbit SM SFPs in the GigE slots. Is there any card

Only in the HF linecards, which are slightly more expensive than 
the "normal" 20-port SFP blades.

* dan at beanfield.com (Dan Armstrong) [Thu 18 Oct 2007, 16:29 CEST]:
>Couldn't  agree more....
>We're drowning in media converter shelves, which are expensive, klunky 
>and add another layer of "stuff" that can fail. 
>Another thing I could give my first born to see!

For 100baseFX..?

	-- Niels.


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