[c-nsp] PPPoE and DHCP

Eric Helm helmwork at ruraltel.net
Thu Oct 18 17:25:36 EDT 2007

Frank Bulk wrote:
> For the record, I use an external DHCP server and it works just fine with
> PPPoA/E.  This is my config:
> interface Virtual-Template1
>  ip unnumbered Loopback11
>  ip helper-address 199.a.b.c
>  peer default ip address dhcp
>  ppp authentication pap
>  ppp ipcp dns 199.d.e.f 167.g.h.i
>  ppp ipcp unique-address
> end 

Interesting... so does the virtual template keep track of the dhcp
leases and handle the DHCP client functions, such as renew and release,
since the end station is using IPCP and has no a DHCP client functionality?


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