[c-nsp] iBGP between PE and CE

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Fri Oct 19 02:30:01 EDT 2007

Pshem Kowalczyk <> wrote on Thursday, October 18, 2007 10:57 PM:

> Hi All,
> The route-map didn't work. We've set the route-map:
> route-map ROUTE-SERVER-OUT, permit, sequence 5
>  Match clauses:
>  Set clauses:
>    ip next-hop
>  Policy routing matches: 0 packets, 0 bytes
> But it doesn't seem to make any difference (and yes we reset the
> session). The IOS complained:
> % Warning: Next hop address is our address
> It looks like we'll have to come up with a different solution :-(

no, you don't need to. this is just a warning, the route-map will work
just fine.. Doesn't it?


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