[c-nsp] ASA/AIP-SSM-10 to replace a IDS-42xx

Fred Reimer freimer at ctiusa.com
Fri Oct 19 11:39:42 EDT 2007

You can put the ASA in transparent mode so that you don't have to
"route" through it, but the traffic does have to pass through the
device.  The external Ethernet interface on the AIP is strictly
for management only...

Fred Reimer, CISSP
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Coleman Technologies, Inc.

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Is it possible to use an ASA with a AIP-SSM-10 like a "simple"
IDS sensor ? Idea
is to span a vlan on a switchport, then connect and use the
physical GE
interface featured on the AIP-SSM-10 module to sniff traffic and
report alerts.
No IPS functionnality is needed.

Is such a way of using AIP-SSM sensor possible ? Or, do I have to
filter the
traffic thru the underlying ASA appliance absolutely ?

Basically, I don't want to add a routing/firewall instance on my
network. Just a
transparent IDS.

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