[c-nsp] MPLS network on 3750 switches - ISIS or OSPFwhichis scalable?

Ian Dickinson iand at eng.pipex.net
Fri Oct 19 17:20:04 EDT 2007

Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists wrote:
>>I'm talking about situation where you solely/mostly need SFP 
>>ports, in 3750 you had the 12SFP model in 3550 you had to 10
>>GBIC model. In 3750E, 3560E there is no such box anymore,
>>effectively forcing you to buy bigger boxes just to get correct
>>media out of them.
> ME-3400G-12CS ?
> ME-4924-10GE ? 
> ME-C6524GS-8S ?
> -A
> PS: They all also run IS-IS.

I'm sure the 6524 will do the biz with IS-IS like it's bigger SX/SR siblings,
and I haven't looked into it for the 4924, but the 3400 IS-IS stuff is
virtually stuck in the 1990's - No wide metrics (which is a *big* problem), no
HMAC-MD5 auth, no ISPF, no Fast Flooding, no High Priority Tag.  That's the
same situation as with old 12.1E, and in a modern network, I just don't know
how you'd make use of it at all.  I just hope it catches up and lives up to
the "S" in 12.2SE.  I'd file a feature request but I'm too demoralised.
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