[c-nsp] Design Question

Bernd Ueberbacher noc at mynet.at
Mon Oct 22 05:38:31 EDT 2007

Hi everyone!

We are currently planning a small network with 5 routers and once again
I do need your advise :-)

2 of the 5 routers would be for the upstream. Each connected to a
different upstream (BGP) at different locations.
The remaining 3 routers (2821s maybe) are for 3 branches. Between those
3 routers there would be some L2TP tunnels and those three routers would
peer (iBGP) with the 2 routers in the "front".
I tested this config and everything works, but I'm not sure if this is
the ideal solution... Considering that there are 5 routers and the need
for some L2 tunnels, would it be a good idea to take a look faaaar
beyond (considering the current needs) and use MPLS?
It's not a large network and I don't wanna use a solution that is
overkill, but I also don't wanna look back in about a year and cry
because we have to change everything again to meet our requirements.

So please let me know how you would connect those 5 routers.


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