[c-nsp] Network Topology Mapping

Jens Link lists at quux.de
Sun Oct 28 19:01:29 EDT 2007

Bill Nash <billn at billn.net> writes:

> This topic never fails to amaze me, that there are people who will build a 
> network of size and not document it. (I'm not faulting you, I've just seen 
> it happen a lot.)

Call it job security. ;-) 

Most of the time those networks are not completely undocumented. They
just have grown. Added a switch here, an access list there and a static
route over there. It's might be just a quick, temporary fix which nobody
removed after some time and nobody "had time to document". At least I
heard the "no time to document" argument from several people. Well they
are lucky that I'm not their boss, if they don't document there work
properly they can have holidays either.


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