[c-nsp] Network Topology Mapping

Jens Link lists at quux.de
Sun Oct 28 18:51:57 EDT 2007

"Sami Joseph" <sami.joseph at gmail.com> writes:

> on the top of my head, i would do a port scan and based on that i would go
> into each device and make sure each has SNMP and CDP before i start
> discovering.
> Which open source one would you recommend ?

For port scanning? namp, http://www.insecure.org You might scan for open
telnet/ssh Ports and for the operating system. This might not  detect
devices with access lists to protect telent/ssh. 

In the end you have to use different tools to do a complete documentation
of your network. CDP is the first step, finding open telnet/ssh ports
and checking routing tables are next. If nothing else is working you
might have to get your hands dirty and follow those cables.

> How about CiscoWorks?

Well some people claim that it is a great tool an can do all those nice
things like detecting buggy IOS version. Problem is that I haven't seen
a completely working CW installation so far. It's big, it's slow and it
seems that I'm to stupid to set it up correctly. 

Take a look a NEDI (http://www.nedi.ch) it free and it seems to work. 


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