[c-nsp] Detection of Link Performance degradation

Steve Wright lists at visp.me.uk
Mon Oct 29 04:30:21 EDT 2007

> Is there a way you can have CISCO routers,switches to proactively
> detect
> that your link is degdrading the actual bandwidth its supposed to have?
> for example, within a period of 24hours. given a 2MB leased line link.
> How
> can you analyze that the bandwdith has degraded with reference to the
> 2MB speed? I know MRTG is one way of analysis. Is there a more
> proactive
> tool than that?

Not quite sure what you're asking... whether the link is degrading in what

>From the way you have worded your question, I would guess you're actually
asking about utilisation and monitoring this proactively.

MRTG should be good for this, if you set the thresholds to alert you when
utilisation goes over a certain parameter defined by yourself.

With regard to latency or the such to identify if a link if going bad you
could setup various probes on the routers; gives 'Cisco IP SLA' a bash in
Google and it should return some useful docs on configuring this.


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