[c-nsp] Replacing proper planning with dirty hacks (VLAN extension over GRE & L2TP)

Brad Henshaw brad.henshaw at qcn.com.au
Tue Oct 30 19:58:12 EDT 2007

Hi Rubens,

> Beware that all tunneling methods have overheads that will 
> make packets that are of valid size on the client-side (IP 
> MTU 1500, Ethernet MTU 1518 with no .1q, 1522 with .1q)  
> generate packets that when tunneled will overflow the mesh 
> radios MTUs

Agreed. We're cogniscent of MTU issues - looking at this (from a router,
switch and radio perspective) will be part of a feasibility study
before we even think about a detailed design & lab/field testing.


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