[c-nsp] Router Suggestion for console access?

Bob Tinkelman bob at tink.com
Tue Sep 4 13:34:04 EDT 2007

> I've always used 2511s with no issues.  We have Cyclades for unix box
> consoles, but I prefer my IOS.  2511s are cheap on eBay too, I see no
> reason to pay more per port for anything else.

We also prefer the 2511 for this, actually the 2511-RJ to avoid
the octapus cables.  The down-side is the general lack of SSH on
the IOS versions that support the 2511s.  Of course, if you plan to
dial into a modem attached to the 2511, then that's not an issue.

- Bob

> Paul Stewart wrote:
> > Hi folks...
> >
> > Looking for feedback on what still works well for console access via a
> > router dial-up?
> >
> > We have quite a few sites that have several routers/switches/access devices
> > all of which have console/serial connections on them.... We'd like to be
> > able to dial-up to a router onsite and then connect to all the other devices
> > for out of band control.....  We don't want to connect a phone line directly
> > via mdoem to each device of course...
> >
> > Cisco 2511 comes to mind but hoping for something current....
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Paul

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