[c-nsp] L2 SNMP performance on Cat65/76?

Chris Griffin cgriffin at ufl.edu
Mon Sep 10 17:01:19 EDT 2007

Lately we have been having performance issues with SNMP queries to 
Sup720 based systems when gathering Layer 2 information (ifOperStatus 
and several layer 2 traffic counters).  SNMP for these elements will be 
dropped for long periods of time (5-15 minutes).  This normally happens 
during network reconvergence events, but sometimes just happens.  During 
these intervals queries for layer 3 information (BGP etc) occur just 
fine.  I assume this is because in native IOS, the snmp query has to be 
relayed to the sup from the msfc?  Any tips on making it a bit more 
responsive even during convergence?  IOS is 12.2.18SXF7.

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