[c-nsp] vty access-list

Fred Reimer freimer at ctiusa.com
Thu Sep 13 11:12:05 EDT 2007

If the device supports CPP can't you put an ACL on the
control-plane to handle all interfaces at once?

Fred Reimer, CISSP
Senior Network Engineer
Coleman Technologies, Inc.

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> Is this a normal behavior of the IOS, to block access to all
the ip's, including to the one that is supposed to be allowed?

While not explicitly called out, I believe the intent is to use a
'standard' access list with one's vty access-class statements.
that end, an extend list that specifies a destination as well as
source will deny all traffic.

I would hazard a guess that this is due to the fact the one's
destination is no-longer the external interface IP address used
reach the router at this point, but rather the internal VTY...  I
believe the only way to restrict SSH access to a specific IP on
router is to apply the appropriate extended access list entries
each router interface, which, given enough processing overhead,
probably a good idea anyway...

for the implied restriction to use only standard access lists...

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