[c-nsp] service monitoring on a small scale?

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at cisco.com
Wed Sep 26 14:20:16 EDT 2007

On Sep 27, 2007, at 12:58 AM, neal rauhauser wrote:

>   Looking forward to much wise advise on this point ...

Changes in bps and pps over links which exceed certain thresholds can  
be set up in most SNMP management systems, I believe; this can be a  
good indicator that something's going on which ought to be  
investigated.  Using NetFlow to watch for these same types of changes  
can also be helpful.  A bit of scripting with Nagios, nfdump/nfsen,  
et. al would probably be an inexpensive way to make use of these  
telemetry sources in such a manner.

There's a feature built into IOS called IP SLA which allows routers  
to be configured as probes which can check application availability,  
end-to-end latency and jitter, etc.  The statistics generated by IP  
SLA are accessible via SNMP:


There's another IOS feature called EEM which basically allows tcl  
scripting on the router itself, which has obvious applications:


Here are some example EEM scripts:


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