[c-nsp] Redundant default route, without round-robin routing

Tim Franklin tim at pelican.org
Fri Sep 28 07:22:48 EDT 2007

On Fri, September 28, 2007 12:17 pm, Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) wrote:

>> In that case, I'd be inclined to iBGP-mesh all the boxes, inject just
>> a default into BGP from the two border routers, and let all the other
>> routers pick their 'best' route of the two.  All other things being
>> equal, this should be the border router that can be reached with the
>> lowest IGP cost, or if they're all on a shared medium (I think this
>> was the case from your original post), first route received.
> Even if you reach both next-hops via the same outgoing interface, IOS
> will load-share between both of them. CEF will see two adjacencies, no
> matter if they share the same interface.

You're confusing me now, Oli - BGP is still *not* multipath by default,
right?  So one route makes it to the routing table, one next-hop, one


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