[c-nsp] Cisco 7600 vlan issue

Johannes Resch jr at xor.at
Mon Dec 1 07:20:53 EST 2008

On Mon, December 1, 2008 13:02, David Freedman wrote:
> SIP/SPA does indeed provide per-port local VLAN significance for this
> platform, please prepare your wallet in such case :)
> Dave.

However, SIP/SPA still consume global (internal) VLAN resources per L3
subif..only the VLAN IDs need not match.

Basically there is NO way for 6500/7600 which can get you around this 4k
VLAN/IFL per box scaling issue when doing L3 termination.

As others have pointed out, using service instances on ES/ES+ will not
require global VLANs, but this only applies for terminating plain PWEs.
For L3 subif/VPLS, again a global VLAN/SVI is required.

Of course the box might still be 'good enough', only depends on your 
deployment scenario..


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