[c-nsp] Does traffic routing through a PE get an MPLS label added/removed?

Christophe Fillot cf at utc.fr
Tue Dec 2 07:34:25 EST 2008

TiM a écrit :

> I'm sure that ingress traffic is assigned some internal "you're in VRF x"
> label, but our SE was clear in stating it would be an MPLS header added
> and removed, the same information as if it was egressing towards Site 2/3.
IMHO, you're right. Just consider the VRF-lite feature (especially on 
low-end routers where there is no MPLS support), there is no LFIB built 
and no MPLS mechanism used.
I don't see the purpose of adding/removing label on the same box whereas 
the routing decision done by CEF with the FIB is sufficient.

> Thanks!
> Tim
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