[c-nsp] RES: VLAN internal usage

Leonardo Gama Souza leonardo.souza at nec.com.br
Tue Dec 2 18:46:53 EST 2008

Hi Peter,

> Subinterfaces use "internal VLANs" and are not switched like other
> VLANs. If you were using the VLANs as regular switchport VLANs on a
> trunk, they wouldn't consume "internal VLANs", but subinterfaces do.

So the command 'show platform hardware capacity vlan' should be tracking
the free internal VLANs, but this is not happening:

7609#show platform hardware capacity vlan 
VLAN Resources
  VLANs: 4094 total, 68 VTP, 0 extended, 16 internal, 4010 free

As subinterfaces use "internal VLANs", I am actually using 18 internal
VLANs here. It seems this command is only tracking the "internal VLANs"
in the range 1006-4094 (automatically allocated by IOS).
Am I missing anything?


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