[c-nsp] Cisco VPN Client Causes Mac OS X Crash

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Wed Dec 3 21:36:56 EST 2008

On Thursday 04 December 2008 07:06:13 Vinny Abello wrote:

> Works great for me on OS X 10.5.5... also on a MBP. No
> stability problems at all.

Each time my laptop freezes up (and needs a hard reset), the 
bug report indicates Cisco VPN Client had something to do 
with it.

It only seems to happen when the client is connected to the 
VPN server, but not, necessarily, when it's merely open and 

There have been a number of reports on this issue (albeit in 
slightly earlier versions of OS X):


I'm just not sure if these issues have propagated to 10.5.5.

It would be nice if Cisco released newer versions of this 
code as often as they did for other OS's.

> Now if I could get the VPN 
> client to add the domain suffix to my search order each
> time I connect, it would be perfect. Has anyone seen that
> work on OS X?

Works fine for me - we use EasyVPN:

conf t
 crypto isakmp client configuration group foo
  domain bar.com

It automatically gets added to my search list and system 
domain name each time I connect (and removed when I 


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