[c-nsp] ifIndex-table and nvram

Benjamin.Conconi at nok.ch Benjamin.Conconi at nok.ch
Fri Dec 5 03:09:23 EST 2008

Dear all

We have several 7606-S with RSP720. Because our field technicians aren't familiar with IOS, we've put a 512MB CF Card (disk0:) in every RSP720. My idea is, if a RSP encounters a Hardware Problem, the field technician can take a spare RSP720, pull the CF Card out of the defect RSP and push the new card with the inserted CF Card into the chassis. The Router will then boot we the old configuration. I achieved this with setting the right environement variables:

boot system disk0:/c7600rsp72043-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRC1.bin
boot system sup-bootdisk:/c7600rsp72043-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRC1.bin
boot system flash sup-bootdisk:
boot config disk0:/startup-config

This works fine as I can judge. Unfortunately I have seen, that the ifIndex-table rests in nvram. This means, that the ifIndex persistence is lost, if we change the RSP. Is there any solution to advise IOS to save the ifIndex-table on the CF Card (disk0:)

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