[c-nsp] Adding connected routes in a VRF

Ross Vandegrift ross at kallisti.us
Mon Dec 8 14:30:52 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

In the global table, you can tell IOS to create a connected route by
statically routing a prefix out an interface.  This causes the box to
ARP for next-hops out that interface without having an address
assigned in the prefix:

ip route Vlan1234

However, there's a syntax ambiguity when you place this in a VRF,
since this is how you leak traffic out of a VRF:

ip route vrf foobar Vlan1234
% For VPN routes, must specify a next hop IP address if not a point-to-point interface

Is there any way to get the global table behavior in a VRF?


Ross Vandegrift
ross at kallisti.us

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	--Woody Guthrie

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