[c-nsp] Combining multiple vlans into a single vlan.

Peter Rathlev peter at rathlev.dk
Mon Dec 8 20:35:30 EST 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 15:28 -0500, Jeff Cartier wrote:
> I've been recently asked by a co-worked for a solution to a scenario
> where they are receiving multiple vlans from an ISP via an NNI and the
> requirement is to bridge/combine them into a single vlan.
> Any thoughts or comments?

Make sure they don't mess up the providers network, in case they didn't
protect themselves well enough. :-) When that's said, you could do it
with BVIs. Or with some physical loopback cables.

Is it rude asking would one would do this? :-)


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